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Strictly Business 3: The Artist Lost and Found, Part I


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September 23, 2011 · Published by ASMP

Sean Kernan reflects on how photographers—all of us, of any age—begin like wide-eyed children. The deep art instinct opens us to the world and rewards us with the joy of just seeing. Then we make it our business, which supports us, but also pulls us away from the reason we started. If you think this loss doesn’t affect your business, think again.

About Sean Kernan:

Sean Kernan has careers in commercial and fine art photography and in teaching. As a teacher, his interest is in exploring the nature of creativity and its central role in our formative years and subsequent lives. He has taught at the New School/Parsons, International Center for Photography, both the Maine and Santa Fe Workshops, and the F. Holland Day Foundation. He has lectured at Art Center (Pasadena), Wesleyan, University of Texas, Austin Peay University, Yale, PhotoPlus Expo, and at the ASMP’s Strictly Business 2. He is the author of two monographs, The Secret Books with Jorge Luis Borges, and Among Trees.


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Featured photographer: Sean Kernan

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