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Creating a “Talking Senior Portrait” with Stills and Video


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May 09, 2014 · Published by Sekonic, Benro

All of today’s cameras and smartphones feature video capture. Why is this important to a portrait photographer? Join host Joe Brady as he shows you how to incorporate video into a portrait shoot and make some money doing it.

Video capture is usually the easy part. Assembling the various pieces into finish product is often the big problem for many photographers. This presentation will guide you through all of the steps from motion video, video with stills, recording sound and adding a music track.

Joe will show both gear and techniques to combine stills, video and sound that you can use to create a fun and special "Talking Portrait" that will have great appeal to both students and parents.

Featured photographer: Joe Brady

Featured gear:
A48FBS4: Flip Lock, S4 Head
S6 Video Head
ColorChecker® Passport Photo
SideKick 360 SmartPhone Holder
WalkAbout Monopod

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