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Sekonic Your Portraits’ Color and Exposure are not Perfect – but they can be!
Learn how adding two tools to your photo arsenal can save you tons of time and money. The Sekonic L-478 and X-Rite ColorChecker Passport will change your life for the better.
ILFORD Webinar: Choosing a Paper Surface for Your Inkjet Prints
The paper you choose for your fine art photography can have a dramatic effect on the appearance and impact of your image. Joe Brady discusses the considerations that go into selecting a paper that will enhance the presentation of your photography.
Sekonic Get The Best Images In Any Weather With Guest Photographer Lee Varis!
If you have ever traveled to a wonderful location and the weather won't cooperate, you’ll want to see this show as Lee Varis and Joe Brady explore options to getting great images in practically any conditions.
ILFORD Webinar: How To Print Like an ILFORD Master
ILFORD Product Marketing Manager Josh Fischer walks through the full line of ILFORD inkjet media made especially for digital photographers. An expert on color management, Josh gives an overview of what it takes to print like an ILFORD Master.
Sekonic Make Exceptional Landscapes Happen
Landscape Photography can be challenge for even the best digital camera. You need to use the full dynamic range of your camera and protect those all-important highlights that often make the shot.
Sekonic Webinar: Creating a Portable Portrait Studio
Creating a safe and professional portable lighting kit can help you capture beautiful portraits in practically any location. Join Joe Brady as he explores the gear and techniques for creating headshots, portraits, and group photos in a portable portrait studio.

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