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Sekonic Your Portraits’ Color and Exposure are not Perfect – but they can be!
Learn how adding two tools to your photo arsenal can save you tons of time and money. The Sekonic L-478 and X-Rite ColorChecker Passport will change your life for the better.
Sekonic Webinar: Beautiful Portraits with Continuous Light
They run hot, the color spectrum is off, and the light is uneven from continuous light kits—isn't it? Don't you need to use studio strobes for beautiful portraits? If you thought that was the case, you'll be surprised to see how continuous lights can be both beautiful and easy to use.
Sekonic Webinar: Using a Light Meter for Better Portraits
All photographers are storytellers. And our stories are told with light. Your camera can often get the exposure right, but that has nothing to do with the story you want to tell. In this webinar, we explore how light works, how to shape and control it, and how measuring it makes this all possible.
Sekonic Get The Best Images In Any Weather With Guest Photographer Lee Varis!
If you have ever traveled to a wonderful location and the weather won't cooperate, you’ll want to see this show as Lee Varis and Joe Brady explore options to getting great images in practically any conditions.
Sekonic Webinar: Mastering Exposure for Landscape Photography Part II
Joe Brady demonstrates when and how to effectively use incident-light metering and reflected-light spot metering in this hour-long webinar. He travels to beautiful outdoor locations that challenge in-camera meters and explains how to get the best shot.
Kupo Webinar: Gear for a Safe and Effective Studio
Just as you need a firm foundation in the basics to improve your photography, having a strong structural base for your gear is an important starting point for any lighting setup. Joe Brady demonstrates how to set up stands, arms, and other basic studio gear.
Sekonic Make Exceptional Landscapes Happen
Landscape Photography can be challenge for even the best digital camera. You need to use the full dynamic range of your camera and protect those all-important highlights that often make the shot.
Sekonic Tools & Techniques for Photographing the Passage of Time
Photography is magical. You can use your camera to capture a fleeting moment and the passage of time in a single photograph.
Sekonic Webinar: William Brinson on Light Metering for Food Photography
Getting it right before pressing the shutter button is the hallmark of a true professional photographer. William Brinson not only practices this, but takes it to another level by elevating food photography to an artistic realm. He combines the craft of knowing every highlight and shadow value with the aesthetic approach of a fine artist to create truly savory food photography.

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