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Creating In-Camera Water Effects with On-Camera Filters


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March 28, 2016 · Published by VU Filters

Coast is Clear

Using a Circular Polarizer to Improve Your Images

Watch how Polarizing Filters can be used to cut reflections and reveal foreground details while capturing deep, vibrant colors.


Surf 'ND' Turf

Using ND Filters to Increase Your Creativity

Learn when and how to use Neutral Density Filters to achieve a variety of moods from a single scene.


Fluid Exposure

Using Shutter Speed and Filters to Customize Your Images

See how combining shutter speed with Neutral Density Filters creates a range of feeling from dramatic action to serene calm.

Vu Visionary Photographer, Rick Berk, has spent the last 15 years capturing the essence of the locations he photographs. Using vibrant colors, textures and dramatic light, Rick creates images which evoke an emotional experience as well as his unique vision.

Featured photographer: Rick Berk

Featured gear:
Sion 72mm Slim Circular Polarizer FIlter
Sion 72mm Stop Neutral Density Filter
Sion 72mm 3-Stop Neutral Density Filter
Sion 72mm 10-Stop (3.0) Neutral Density Filter

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