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PhotoVideoEDU Featured Photography Program: Northwest College
Program Coordinator Craig Satterlee talks with PhotoVideoEDU about Northwest's affordable, commercially oriented program; its picturesque location near Yellowstone; and its tight-knit community. Watch the video and read the interview.
PhotoVideoEDU Choosing the Right PocketWizard
Do you need standard or ControlTL triggering? Which features will allow you to shoot at high frame rates or control remote flashes from your camera? Photographer Mark Wallace explains which PocketWizard wireless triggering features will meet your shooting needs best.
PhotoVideoEDU Basics of Metering
Overcome the limitations of your camera's light meter. Join photographer Mark Wallace as he covers the essentials of using a handheld light meter.
PhotoVideoEDU Choosing the Right Light Meter
Mark Wallace describes the differences between the Sekonic L-758, Sekonic L-478, and Sekonic L-308 light meters and highlights how each may be appropriate for different photographers.

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