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NOVOFLEX Using the Novoflex TrioPod PRO75 on Location
Photographer Joe Brady shows us the versatile tripod system, the Novoflex TrioPod PRO75, and how it can be used on location.
Kupo Kupo 4 Way Clamp for 1/4-20" Tube
The 4 Way Clamp is an all metal cast aluminum clamp featuring a unique spring locking mechanism that allows you to instantly latch and release the locking collar around any tubing sized from 1/4-20" in diameter.
Elinchrom Felix Kunze shooting portraits at Explorers Club Annual Dinner
Photographer Felix Kunze brings is studio on location, photographing the Explorers Club Annual Dinner Portfolio, using the ELB 500. Find out how the ELB 500 holds up on an in-depth shoot like this.
Phottix Phottix e48 Light Stand Extender
The e48 Light Stand Extender is perfect for the on-location photographer that needs a "jack of all trades" accessory.
Kupo Kupo Velcro Refillable Sandbags
Sand bags are necessary safety items. They prevent light stands from tipping over. They provide a down and dirty place to support a camera and also act as counterweights for booms. If you have people, especially children in your studio, a sand bag can prevent them from knocking down an expensive lighting fixture or worse causing injury to themselves or others.
Benro Breaking Down Slider Shots with Rubidium Wu
Filmmaker Rubidium Wu goes in-depth to break down slider shots within a scene featuring two-person dialogue. Find out how slider shots fit into these specific scenes.
Phottix Phottix Luna II Folding Beauty Dish
Introducing, the Luna II Folding Beauty Dish, a 24" light shaper that unlike rigid metal dishes, folds down to a fraction of its open size for compact transport and storage.
Kupo Kupo 1/4"-20M to 1/4"-20M Thread Adapter
This is a small adapter made from brass that converts a 1/4"-20 female thread into a 1/4"-20 male thread.
Kupo Kupo 3/8''-16 Mounting Plate with Baby 5/8'' Stud
This round flat plate allows you to mount your tripod head or any other accessory tapped with a female 3/8"-16 thread to a Convi Clamp or any piece of grip equipment that has a baby receiver.

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