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Phottix Phottix Varos Pro Tilting Umbrella Holder
The Phottix Varos series allows you to easily mount a shoe-mounted flash to an umbrella, as well as other accessories. With the Phottix Varos, anything goes, and the possibilities are endless.
Kupo Kupo Baby Kit Stand with Square Legs
This is a premium stand with a welded aluminum stud, square legs for added stability and a leveling leg for uneven surfaces. This stand is a taller version of the Medium Baby Kit Stand. (Catalog# KS140611)
Tenba Tenba DNA Messenger Bags [Special Edition]
To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, Tenba is introducing two special edition DNA Messenger bag, with upgraded features. With a sleek urban style and serious all-weather protection, this bag has limitless versatility.
Phottix Phottix Cerberus Multi-Mount Holder
The Phottix Cerberus allows you to attach a plethora of light shapers to any speedlight. It can easily attach to any baby receiver. Given the flexibility of the Cerberus, anything goes!
Tenba Tenba DNA 15 Backpack
The Tenba DNA 15 Backpack was designed to deliver the year-round, all-weather, rugged performance of a true bike messenger bag, but with an interior that's tuned to protect delicate cameras, lenses and computer gear.
Tenba Tenba Solstice Backpacks
The Tenba Solstice bags provide all-day carrying comfort, versatile storage for cameras and personal gear, and all-weather protection. They are perfect for the uncompromising outdoor enthusiast photographer and filmmaker.
Phottix Phottix Spartan Beauty Dish
The perfect on-location light modifier, the Phottix Spartan Beauty Dish assembles easily using flexible rods, a huge benefit over the time-consuming setup of traditional octa softboxes. Use with the award-winning Phottix Indra series of studio lights or mount to the Phottix Cerberus Hot Shoe Flash Mount.
Tenba Tenba Tools BYOB Backpack Inserts
Tenba's BYOB inserts fit a variety of camera systems, with pockets to organize accessories, and their soft shells mold to fit the interior of virtually any bag. So keep using that backpack/courier/handbag/duffel that you love so much, and just give your camera the protection it needs with a Tenba BYOB insert.
Elinchrom Watch the Soon to be Released ELB1200 In-Action
The ELB 1200 is revolutionizing the photographic industry by allowing photographers to carry smaller, more powerful packs to every possible location their adventures may take them. This unit is built to work in the most demanding environments.

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