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Sekonic On Set with the Sekonic C-700: LED Color Consistency
Director of Photography Timur Civan discusses the importance of proper color balance when lighting a scene, and how Sekonic's C-700 Spectromaster comes in handy when using LED lighting during production.
MeFOTO MeFOTO Air Tripods
The MeFOTO Air tripod family is the perfect travel companion. Ideal for every camera type from smartphones to DSLRs. The Hyperlock leg locking system allows a super-fast setup, and makes the tripods lightweight. With the new MeFOTO Air tripod family you can travel light, set up fast, and be colorful!
Sekonic Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster Quick Start Guide: Part 1
The quest for lighter, smaller and more efficient light sources is creating new challenges in establishing color quality for Cine/Video production. Matching the same and different light sources, and knowing how to mix them are becoming today’s need-to-know skills. Sekonic is proud to provide the measuring tool that will help you tame the lighting universe. The SpectroMaster C-700.
Phottix Fashion Made Simple with Jeff Rojas
Photographer Jeff Rojas provides some simple tools to use for creating fashion-style images using very limited gear.
ILFORD Michael Clark: ILFORD's Newest Master
ILFORD's newest Master, Adventure & Sports Photographer Michael Clark speaks out about how he got his start in photography, and how important making prints are to him, and his decision process when making prints of his images.
Sekonic Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster Quick Start Guide: Part 2
In this Quick Start video you will learn how to measure and control one light source using the C-700 Spectromaster's TEXT, Spectrum and CRI screens.
Clay Cook Clay Cook's Ethiopia
No matter what stressful situation or unknown location we find ourselves in, there is always a good person we meet among the madness. Good people are everywhere, even in the darkest, most forbidden war-torn corners of earth.
Sekonic Sekonic LiteMaster Pro for Phottix
Sekonic’s LiteMaster Pro for Phottix is here to make wireless metering accessible by all. It gives you repeatable results, and wireless metering, all in the palm of your hands.
Kaiser Anatomy of Copy Stands
Copy Stands are perfect for high volume capture of many different things. When choosing the right parts of your Copy Stand, there are a few guidelines you should consider. Kaiser is here to give you some tips and helpful hints when selecting a copy stand.

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