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Elinchrom Watch the Soon to be Released ELB1200 In-Action
The ELB 1200 is revolutionizing the photographic industry by allowing photographers to carry smaller, more powerful packs to every possible location their adventures may take them. This unit is built to work in the most demanding environments.
Kupo Kupo Umbrella Swivel Bracket
This is one of those accessories that is a "jack of all trades" type of adapter. It consists of two baby 5/8" (16mm receivers) on either end joined by a tilting pivot and a ratcheted metal handle to lock it securely in place and a hole with a set-screw to lock an umbrella shaft in place. This adapter enables you to use an umbrella with light fixtures that don't have a place to accept an umbrella shaft.
Kupo Kupo Runway Base Stand
This compact but incredibly strong, wheeled base allows its legs to be folded parallel to one another for easy storage and transportation. It features a junior 1-1/8" (28mm) receiver to accept a C Stand riser section and take your C Stands mobile, a Stand Adapter (KG006312) for a low mounting position or any piece of grip equipment with a junior pin.
Phottix Ares II Flash Trigger & Receiver
The Phottix Ares II is a system designed for anyone who wants a more reliable flash trigger, to wirelessly trigger any strobe, or to simply put the lights you already have, anywhere you want.
Kupo Kupo TVMP (TV to Motion Picture) Adapter
This adapter has a set-screw with a knob to secure it to any baby pin or accessory. On the top of the adapter there is a bolt that secures it to the yoke of a lighting fixture for easy mounting into a junior receiver or onto a baby pin. This adapter is common for mounting PAR Can fixtures to light stands.
Kupo Kupo Junior to Baby Adapter
The Junior to Baby Stand Adapter enables you to mount a light fixture or accessory with a baby 5/8" (16mm) receiver to any stand with a junior 1 1/8" (28mm) receiver, such as the Kupo Master C Stand with Turtle Base. It's perfect for mounting a light fixture or accessory low to the ground. Solid steel construction gives it superior strength. The bottom of the adapter has a safety pin hole drilled through it if hanging it from a coupler or clamp with a junior receiver.
Kupo Kupo Duck Bill Clamp
Also known in the industry as a Preacher Clamp, or a Platypus, the Kupo Duck Bill Clamp is essentially a vice grip with two plates mounted on it. Perfect for clamping onto bounce boards or other flat surfaces.
Kupo Kupo Monitor Adapter
The monitor adapter is designed for lightweight monitors and its flat plate has mounting holes at the corners spaced 3" (75mm and 100mm) apart from each other. It features a double ball joint in the center that is locked down by an adjustable ratcheted handle and a baby 5/8" (16mm) receiver on the end with a set-screw and knob to secure it to any light stand or baby accessory.
Kupo Kupo Baby Roller Stand
The Baby Roller Stand is a great lightweight alternative to a full sized roller stand to get your lights mobile in the studio or on location. The built-in braked casters help you re-position your lights with ease. It comes equipped with a baby 5/8” (16mm) pin to accept any light fixture or piece of grip equipment with a baby receiver. It is the perfect compliment to a boom set-up.

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