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X-Rite Edit Using Your Perfect Color Starting Point
Why make a custom camera profile? Does it really make a difference? Joe Brady walks you through the why and how and shows you how easy it is to take one image that will reduce your edit time and give you more time outside to take beautiful pictures!
Benro Benro BVX Tripod Kit
Introducing the BVX Tripod kit from Benro. Combining advanced features, with an extremely robust design, perfect for heavy loads. These video tripod kits have everything you’ll need to keep your productions moving fast and efficiently.
Kupo Baby 5/8" Receiver for 3 & 4 Way Clamp
This baby 5/8" receiver quickly attaches to any of the mounting locations on either the 3 or 4 Way Clamp to accept any light fixture or accessory with a baby stud.
X-Rite Get Perfect Color from Every Camera
Did you know that every camera has a slightly a different color response? Essentially, every image sensor has a different color cast to it. But you probably want your color to be accurate all the time. Getting perfect color starts with making an image of absolute known colors and shades and then using software to analyze those colors and creating a profile that helps correct for each and every camera’s unique color response. Creating color profiles will give you greater consistency across your images, you'll spend less time in post-production work, you'll have better quality images and that all means greater trust from your clients. And all you need is two shots of a ColorChecker Passport.
Kupo Kupo Baby 5/8" Drop Down Adapter
The Baby Drop Down uses gravity to maintain the vertical orientation of whatever is mounted to it regardless of the angle of the boom angle that is supporting it.
Kupo Kupo 3" Brake Casters with Round Adapter
These casters take your light stands mobile! They especially come in handy when you are doing work in the studio. Casters will protect your floors, keep things quiet on set and of course, make repositioning your lighting fixtures that much easier.
Benro Benro Tips & Tricks: Creating Beautiful HDR Video
Filmmaker Rubidium Wu walks us through capturing a beautiful high dynamic range scene on location using a Benro Hi-Hat, and the post-production process involved to create a stunning final result.
Kupo Kupo Junior Boom Stand
The Kupo Convertible Junior Boom Stand is an incredibly versatile support that can be converted from a standard light stand to a junior boom arm by simply pulling the center column out of the stand and using the pivoting collar to position the arm.
Tenba Tenba Tools Lens Capsules
Whenever and wherever your lenses need an extra bit of protection, Tenba has the perfect solution. Introducing the Tenba Tools Lens Capsules. Put them on your body, put them in your bag, and keep your lenses safe.

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