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Kupo Kupo Baby 5/8" Drop Down Adapter
The Baby Drop Down uses gravity to maintain the vertical orientation of whatever is mounted to it regardless of the angle of the boom angle that is supporting it.
Kupo Kupo 3" Brake Casters with Round Adapter
These casters take your light stands mobile! They especially come in handy when you are doing work in the studio. Casters will protect your floors, keep things quiet on set and of course, make repositioning your lighting fixtures that much easier.
Benro Benro Tripster Tripod
Combining a sleek design, with uncompromising performance, the Tripster is compact, and portable enough to carry with you| on your journey - every step of the way.
Kupo Kupo Junior Boom Stand
The Kupo Convertible Junior Boom Stand is an incredibly versatile support that can be converted from a standard light stand to a junior boom arm by simply pulling the center column out of the stand and using the pivoting collar to position the arm.
Tenba Tenba Tools Lens Capsules
Whenever and wherever your lenses need an extra bit of protection, Tenba has the perfect solution. Introducing the Tenba Tools Lens Capsules. Put them on your body, put them in your bag, and keep your lenses safe.
Tenba Tenba Transport Air Case for EIZO Display
This Tenba Air Case has the rigid protection of a hard case, but at a fraction of the weight. It’s at least 30% lighter than a similarly sized hard case, yet it can be safely shipped or checked as luggage with a monitor inside.
Kupo Baby 5/8" Receiver for 3 & 4 Way Clamp
This baby 5/8" receiver quickly attaches to any of the mounting locations on either the 3 or 4 Way Clamp to accept any light fixture or accessory with a baby stud.
Tenba Tenba Gear Pouches
The Tenba Gear Pouches provide an extra layer of defense against damage to everything from viewfinders and monitors to lenses and filters. Wherever you need protection and organization at the same time, the Gear Pouch is the right tool for the job.
Tenba Tenba Transport 1x1 LED Light Cases
LED lights are a popular and affordable lighting solution for photographers and filmmakers around the world, but they can be a pain to move safely. To make it easy to both protect and transport these lights, Tenba has designed two 1x1 LED cases.

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