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Interview: Photographer and Educator Chris Orwig


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July 30, 2012 · Published by ILFORD

Brooks Institute faculty member Chris Orwig talks with Brenda Hipsher about the value of photography education and the importance of the print.

Chris Orwig is a photographer with the heart of an educator. His favorite thing is being able to teach and learn from his students at Brooks Institute. “I will always be a student,” Chris says. He values his students, who push him in his own photography. He’s always learning and growing and pushing his students to do the same. He loves talking about Brooks and talking about his students. Chris says that photo school gives photographers “a space to make a mistake without losing your job . . . You can take risks, but if you take these risks with a commercial client you’re not getting another [chance]. Everyone knows that the photo community is pretty small.”

Chris took time out to talk with Brenda Hipsher at ILFORD recently. Just click on the player above to hear their conversation. Chris talks about his love of the photographic print: “There’s something that happens when you spend time with a picture,” he says. “When it's there, when it's present . . . you live with it. When an image is printed you’re not multitasking anymore.” He spoke about the print almost as if it were a religious sacrament: “[A photograph] is an outward expression of some sort of inward reality . . . I love printing.”

Chris also tested ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl 310gsm. He loved the heavier weight and the “just right” surface that allows his images to really explode off the page, giving the viewer the vision he had when he snapped the exposure.

Chris was very enthusiastic about ILFORD GALERIE Premium Lustre 270gsm, which will allow students to print on the same surface using a paper that is not quite as expensive as the new five-star Prestige Smooth Pearl. “I think there’s a great space for it,” he said. His students will be experimenting with the new Prestige and Premium offerings in the ILFORD GALERIE line, pushing the limits as always. We will look forward to hearing more about that in the fall.

Catch Chris below in the inspirational TedX talk called "The Spark Within." It’s a discourse on beauty that we hope you will enjoy.


Featured photographer: Chris Orwig

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GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl 8.5x11" 25 Sheet Pack
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