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HDSLR Video Tip: Whip Pan with a Video Monopod


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BY Victor Ha September 10, 2014 · Published by PhotoVideoEDU

How do you instantly inject excitement into your motion footage with just your camera and a monopod? You must whip it. Victor Ha explains how in this tip from HDSLR Video Bootcamp for Photographers.

One of the great things about using a monopod for video shooting is being able to whip pan and snap focus. It conveys excitement, urgency, and anticipation within a scene by introducing a lot of movement into the footage with a relatively small amount of effort. You can also use a whip pan as an in-camera method of creating a transition between scenes.

To execute a whip pan with your camera mounted on a monopod, pan from one scene or subject to another as quickly as you can so that the image blurs during the pan, and then snap the new subject into focus as the camera movement stops. It takes a little bit of practice to execute correctly, but having the right kind of monopod can help. I like Benro's A48F Video Monopod with an S4 Head for whip panning, because its articulating three-foot base and compact fluid head provide the perfect amount of support regardless of the monopod's position.

I’ve long held the belief that using a monopod for video is the single best thing you can do to improve your production value. In addition to letting you execute techniques like whip panning, a monopod gives you a great, inexpensive way of creating stable footage when you’re on the go or in tight spaces. That’s especially important when you’re shooting with an HDSLR. By sheer virtue of their size and weight, HDSLRs are very difficult to hand hold without something to stabilize the footage. While a tripod can provide support, it’s often too large and cumbersome for covering events, weddings, or anything photojournalistic in nature. You can slip a compact video monopod into just about any camera bag, it’s quick and easy to deploy, and it lets you shoot unobtrusively when remaining unnoticed is an important aspect of the job.


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