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Featured Student: Jake Magraw, Seattle Central Creative Academy


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BY PhotoVideoEDU staff June 01, 2014 · Published by PhotoVideoEDU

The PhotoVideoEDU Featured Student for June 2014, Jake Magraw, will receive his degree from Seattle Central Creative Academy this month. He talked with us about why he chose the SCCA program, where it's taken him, and the landscape photography project he's embarking on.

PhotoVideoEDU: How did you get into photography?

Jake Magraw: I graduated high school and took a senior trip. That’s when I started taking photos. It was more of a hobby in the beginning. I took a photography class at Bellevue College and liked it, so I looked for a more serious photography school.

PhotoVideoEDU: Why did you choose Seattle Central Creative Academy?

Jake Magraw: I went to their portfolio show and looked at all the students’ work, and there was some pretty amazing stuff. I never actually thought I could do what they did because it looked so good. I was very impressed. I also like Seattle a lot, so I didn’t want to go out of state.

PhotoVideoEDU: Now that you’re graduating from SCCA yourself, do you think you’ve reached the level of those students in the portfolio show?

Jake Magraw: Looking back at where I started when I got into the program, I would say that I never would have thought I’d be where I am. It’s pretty crazy to think of where we started at the beginning of school and what we were capable of doing, and then what I’m capable of seeing and producing now.

PhotoVideoEDU: You do a lot of landscape photography. What do you like about it?

Jake Magraw: There’s something about being out shooting. It’s kind of peaceful. It’s about being out there and being able to spend time outside. I like mixing commercial studio work and outdoor photography. Studio work has more commercial value, but landscapes are something I really love to do.

PhotoVideoEDU: What are your plans for after graduation?

Jake Magraw: I have a company that I run with a fellow photographer, and we’re going to travel around the Pacific Northwest shooting timelapse projects throughout the summer. Then I’ll be assisting and working toward getting clients. I’ve started to gravitate toward motion also, so I have a couple motion jobs lined up.

If I could make the landscape work my living, that would be my number one goal. But I leave the door open to studio and commercial work, because I don’t think I’d be able to survive that way. I need to make sure that I’m able to be diverse and able to do anything. I’m 24, so I’m just planning on seeing where the top of the roof is and taking some risks right now.

Click here to learn more about Jake Magraw and see his portfolios and videos. 



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