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Dream Tech: Get Your Digital Tech On


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BY Michelle Brady, Melanie McLean June 12, 2011 · Published by PhotoVideoEDU

Hello, aspiring digital techs. Look at yourself in the mirror. Now look at the Dream Tech. Now back at the mirror. Now back at the Dream Tech. What does he have in his gear bag? Can you attain his wizard-like level of technical skill? No. But you can do a decent Dream Tech impersonation if you read this new series of articles from technical expert Michelle Brady.


Michelle Brady is a photographer and educator. While teaching and photographing, she spent several years as a digital tech and digital systems consultant, helping photographers set up their digital workflow. She currently owns and operates Catskills Workshops & Retreats.




They lock eyes across the studio. He whips the tether cable across his shoulder as he dashes across the glistening concrete floor. He knows what she needs and just how she wants it. He was there to manage the cables, the hard drives, and all the pixels however she likes it. He is there to deliver. And his cool, confident swagger says it all: He is well equipped for the job.

With cable in hand and the screens up and running, her dream tech gets to work with a confident grin. The capture folder is in place, the tether cable is locked as he firmly grips the camera. He firmly presses the shutter button . . . the shot pops up on the screen. All systems are a go.

As she twists and turns and gets in her groove, he continues to check her out. Are the images sharp? Is the light hitting the subject just right? Are the highlights and shadows looking good . . . just like she likes it? He tells her what’s happening on the screen as she keeps doing her thing. They are synced.

As the shoot continues, the client wants in on the action. "Can he keep this up all day?" she thinks, and sure enough he does. He’s looking alive and now pleasing the big guns. She has total faith in his skills as he quickly lays one layer on top of the other, giving the client an idea of where this day is headed. The client’s eyes twinkle with approval.

He backed it up—the hard drive, that is. He knew to fill the right media in the right format. He juggles it all while she continues with her subject. He delivers efficiently; he finishes on time.

He is her Dream Tech.

Want to know his secrets? Keep reading . . .

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Featured photographer: Michelle Brady

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