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Who wants to spend the night capturing beautiful images of the Milky Way and Night Sky?


BY Michael Shainblum April 13, 2017 · Published by Induro

Let’s backpack with Michael Shainblum into the beautiful Broken Top Caldera to shoot some timelapses and images. For some serious inspiration, start with his 4K timelapse showing the Milky Way gliding over the peak as the moon starts to shine light onto it.

Last summer I took an overnight backpacking trip to Broken Top Mountain in Oregon. This was a great test for my Induro CLT104s and to see how they would effect my trip. Before using the Carbon Fiber 104s I had been using aluminum tripods, which were extremely heavy and limited my ability to hike into certain spots.

When I go out hiking generally, I will bring two tripods, one designated for stills and another for timelapses. The two 104s I brought with me were extremely lightweight and made it super easy to pack all my other necessary camping gear into my backpacking bag.
The hike was a fairly easy and gradual climb starting off through some forest groves and crossing over some small streams. At one point we reached an ice field and I could tell we were getting close. Once we finally reached the end of the trail the view was absolutely spectacular. A beautiful semi-frozen lake came into view and above that were the incredible craggy peaks of the Broken Top Mountain. We spent the night capturing beautiful images of the Milky Way and Night Sky. Having both Induro 104s packed in my bag, I was able to set up this time-lapse sequence to run all night and then use the other tripod for my Milky Way Stills.
This time-lapse sequence ran for about 6 hours and showcases the moon rising and illuminating the mountain peak.

Here is one of my favorite still images from the night. At the entrance of the lake, there is a beautiful rushing flow and I knew I wanted to capture a still image with the Milky Way aligned through the center.
I had to submerge the tripod for this shot and the current was quite strong. I was surprised at how strong the Induro 104 was given the size and the weight. I was able to capture sharp images and focus stack the frames.
After taking a small nap in my sleeping bag I set up my camera for a few stills of sunrise. The light hitting the mountain peak was extremely vivid and beautiful. It made for a perfect end to the short, yet memorable trip.

There is something magical about camping under the stars. Whether you hike into a location or just set up a tent beside your car.

Being able to embrace nature and unplug from daily life really makes you appreciate our world. Having a camera in hand is a great excuse to get out there and explore new places.

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