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Author: Ron Egatz

Ron Egatz Emily Knudsen: From the Bomb Shelter to Restaurants
The portraitist and food photographer talks to Ron Egatz about developing film in a bomb shelter, how she lights food to make it look tasty, and the importance of metering to get her images right in-camera.
Ron Egatz Featured Educator: Susan kae Grant
The artist and Texas Woman's University professor talks about her work creating fine art books, the childhood roots of her vocation as an educator, and how she went into the sleep lab to chronicle her dreams through imagery.
Ron Egatz Featured Educator: Alejandro Tomas
The veteran photographer talks about his adventures capturing world events, the importance of helping students understand what it takes to be a pro, and the pre-PocketWizard days when wireless triggering involved a bunch of guys with headsets and packs strapped to their waists.
Ron Egatz Featured Educator: Joe Lavine
This very busy food photographer and photography instructor talks about why he's a tough cookie in the classroom, the delicate art of adding and subtracting light, and the importance of counting every bean.
Ron Egatz Featured Educator: Jeff Curto
The veteran photography educator talks about how he uses new technologies in the classroom; his long-term large-format project, The Italian Portfolio; and what he learned from Ansel Adams about being a mentor to the next generation of photographers.
Ron Egatz Featured Educator: Colleen Mullins
The Art Institutes International Minnesota Photography Academic Director talks about how following trails blazed by her parents has led to some of her most fruitful personal projects, how a personal project has in turn grown into a student program, and how she discovered the importance of family trees.
Ron Egatz Featured Educator: William W. DuBois
The commercial photographer and RIT Visual Media program head talks about taking a multidisciplinary approach to preparing students for the contemporary photography market, the most difficult challenges he's faced during his 36 years in photography education, and his personal work with one of the humbler household accoutrements.

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