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Author: Aimee Baldridge

Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Photo Humorist Timothy Bailey
What do you get when you cross a photo school graduate with a funnyman? We didn’t know either, so we asked Timothy Bailey, a New York-based commercial photographer who has built a career by blending technical chops with humor since graduating from Art Center College of Design in 2008. While still a student there, Bailey got a jump on professional networking and creative concepting by seeking out advertising students to collaborate with on full-fledged campaigns. He talked with us about becoming a pro, making funny pictures, and developing a niche.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Portraitist and Lighting Director PAYAM
Combine a keen eye for the nuances of light and a warm touch with people from all walks of life, and what do you get? PAYAM. The LA- and New York-based artist is both a photographer who specializes in portraiture and a lighting director whose meticulous approach lends itself to crafting the look of high-end commercial shoots. He talked with us about how he broke into the photo industry in the early aughts and what young photographers need to know to make it in today’s tough market.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Multimedia Documentarian Rick Gershon
If photography is the art of visual economy, multimedia work is an exploration of narrative plenty. Instead of streamlining complex issues into a series of single images, multimedia creators apply a broad array of tools to craft the right combination of video, still imagery, and sound for each story they tell. Brought to life in the online world of the 21st century, multimedia storytelling is still an evolving form of communication. Rick Gershon, an award-winning veteran in the field at the ripe old age of 30, talked to us about his own evolution from photojournalist to multimedia documentarian and explained what the landscape looks like for young multimedia creators today.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Concert Tour Photographer Tom Falcone
Any rock fan knows that super troupers spend their time on stage smiling, having fun, and feeling like a number one, but what goes on behind the scenes? Mercifully, we have tour photographers like Tom Falcone to give us a look. Ten months out of the year, he’s on the road, capturing the life and times of musicians on tour. Falcone started traveling with bands at the tender age of 17, touching down in Boston just long enough to complete a two-year program at the New England School of Photography before hitting the road again. He’s the guy who shoots the photos and videos that end up on the band’s social media outlets, in magazines, and in larger projects like books and DVDs. We asked him about the gig.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Music Photographer Drew Gurian
Marrying a love for photography together with another passion has put many a photographer on the path to greatness. New York-based music photographer Drew Gurian has successfully parlayed his twin passions into a career that straddles two fast-moving industries. He talked with us about how he went from playing in bands to photographing them, what he learned about being a pro from his years as Joe McNally’s first assistant, and the kinds of music industry clients he works with today.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Conservation Photographer Morgan Heim
As the New York photo industry was reminded when Superstorm Sandy swept into town, no matter how urban our habitat may be, we all live in the natural world. The current status of our relationship with it? It’s complicated. And while many of us may pause to contemplate the complications only on a rainy day, for some photographers exploring them is a vocation. We asked Colorado-based conservation photographer and multimedia documentarian Morgan Heim, who in her early thirties is one of the younger associate fellows of the International League of Conservation Photographers, about how she has forged a successful career in this specialized, topical, and sometimes dangerous field.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Cinematographer Owen Donovan
Motion pictures, from quick clips for mobile devices to full-length productions, have never been more ubiquitous or accessible. What does it all mean for people getting into the field today? Owen Donovan, an independent cinematographer whose work ranges from commercial shorts and music videos to narrative features, talked to us about what it takes to succeed in today’s motion industry, the pleasures and demands of the job, and the role a director of photography plays.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Photojournalist Michael Christopher Brown
Over-caffeinated creative directors may insist that the fate of humanity hinges on getting that ad shot, and your favorite photo editor may purr that your conceptual fashion spread will shift the course of history. But let’s get real. It’s photojournalists who capture the images that really need to be seen. We talked about what it takes to work in the field today with photojournalist Michael Christopher Brown, who, still in his early thirties, has seen his images published by major media outlets during a career that has taken him to Chinese back roads, Russian isles, and the 2011 conflict in Libya.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Food Photographer Lucas Zarebinski
There’s a kind of photographer in this world who will make you want to trade your lunchbox sandwich away, sharpen your knives, and book a reservation at Per Se: the food photographer. We’ve all been titillated by this tempter’s stock in trade—glistening sauces, toothsome fruits, crickets encased in glossy lollipop . . . wait, what? Today’s most cutting-edge young culinary shooters are showing us a new angle on tastiness. So we asked one of them what it takes to be in the business of putting deliciousness on the page these days. Polish-born photographer Lucas Zarebinski talked to us about how he got into the business and what helps innovative shooters do their best work in this competitive field, and gave us some insight into what young photographers coming from abroad will find in American work culture.

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