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Publisher: Tenba

Aimee Baldridge Interview: Destination Wedding Photographer Dina Douglass
How does a pro handle the logistics of shooting a wedding in Marrakesh or Mumbai? World-class wedding photographer Dina Douglass talks about the ins and outs of traveling to photograph a destination wedding abroad.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: Wedding Cinematographer Rob Adams
How does a crew of filmmakers navigate the fast-moving events of a wedding day to capture all the moments that will tell the couple’s story? Wedding cinematographer Rob Adams talks about handling the logistics and creating films that stand the test of time.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: Fashion and Editorial Image Maker Daniel O'Neill
Photographer and motion artist Daniel O’Neill talks about the logistics of producing both stills and video for a commercial client, why Mongolian horsemen make a great photo crew, and how new technology has made it more important for image makers to travel with their own gear instead of renting it on location.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: Commercial Photographer William Vázquez
What is it like to travel from Shanghai to Mumbai to San Juan on a professional photo shoot? New York-based photographer William Vázquez talks about traveling the world to create images for commercial clients.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: Filmmaker Patrick Moreau
Emmy-award-winning filmmaker Patrick Moreau explains why having a psychology degree helps him decide which gear to pack, how to go from charging onto the field with a football team to interviewing the President in 30 seconds, and how Tenba’s new Roadie II shoulder bag helps him tell better stories.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: New Year's Eve Documentarian Jill Waterman
Scary beasts! Flipping kilts! Cavorting goat-men! They're all part of the exuberant worldwide celebration that rings in the new year. Photographer Jill Waterman talks about her 30 years of capturing the anticipation and the antics of New Year's Eve around the world.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: Fine Art Photographer Rachel Sussman
How do you get ready for a trip to Antarctica to photograph 5,500-year-old moss or a journey to the Balearic Islands to shoot 100,000-year-old sea grass? Fine art photographer Rachel Sussman talks about traveling the world to photograph the oldest living things.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: National Geographic Photographer Ira Block
The veteran photographer talks about what he's learned over 30 years of shooting in environments that range from arctic ice fields to desert sands. Block tells us what he brings along on his global photographic journeys and how pictures of penguins are different from actual penguins.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters
Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters talks about how the role of DP is evolving, how to rig a Red to a helicopter, and where the market is headed for filmmakers.

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