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Publisher: Sekonic

Sekonic Exposure Control through Metering
Learn about the different types of light metering available for exposure control.
Jim Zuckerman How to Use a Handheld Meter
Bewildered by how to use your handheld light meter? Join professional photographer Jim Zuckerman as he explains Incident, Reflected and Flash metering modes and how to use them.
Jim Zuckerman Understanding Middle Gray
It's the guiding light for reflected modes such as spot metering. Jim Zuckerman explains how understanding middle gray will help you control exposure and tonality.
Jim Zuckerman Balancing Flash with Ambient Light
How do you combine flash with ambient lighting to balance foreground and background exposure in a scene? Jim Zuckerman covers the metering modes, camera settings, and processes that will give you creative control.
Jim Zuckerman Shoot Better, Edit Less
Wish you spent more time shooting and less in front of a computer, fixing less-than-perfect photos? Jim Zuckerman explains how to capture stronger images in the first place.
Jim Zuckerman Metering at Night
What are your odds of getting exposure right with an in-camera meter at night? Let's just say you shouldn't put any money on it. Jim Zuckerman explains how you can get better results with a handheld meter when lights are low.
Jim Zuckerman Common Metering Mistakes
So you metered your scene and checked your settings twice, but the shot just isn't coming out right. Jim Zuckerman explains how to avoid seven common metering mistakes.
Jim Zuckerman Wildlife Photography
Photographing animals and birds in their natural habitats requires many skills, including the ability to handle a multitude of lighting situations. Jim Zuckerman explains how to work with light when you're out in the wild.
Jim Zuckerman Incident vs. In-Camera Metering
Photographer Jim Zuckerman sheds light on the difference between incident and reflected metering modes, and explains why handheld meters can handle situations that in-camera metering can't.

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