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Brian Dwyer Tricks of the Trade: Photo Assistant
Assistant Marqui Akins hands down the commandments of his Photo Assistants’ Bible in this article from Resource Magazine.
Justin Muschong Resource Guide to Kits
Whether you're putting together a professional kit, assisting, or just wearing multiple hats at your own shoot, knowing which tools to bring on set separates the dabblers from the pros. Resource Magazine's guide to kits covers make-up; hair, food, and wardrobe styling; set building; model making; producing; and even baby wrangling.
Sylvia Gyrion Tricks of the Trade: Digital Tech
Veteran tech Travis Drennen explains what it takes to be on top of your game as a digital capture tech.
Heather Simon Tricks of the Trade: Creative Director
Long before a photographer shoots an iconic ad, it begins as a glimmer in the eye of an advertising pro. Billy Faraut talks to Resource Magazine about the ins and outs of being an ad agency creative director.
Feifei Sun Breaking and Entering into the Industry
Resource Magazine's Feifei Sun interrogates six big players in the New York photo industry on how they made it there―and what it takes for novices to break in.
Jonathan Melamed Etiquette: Equipment Rental
If you haven't learned the hard way already, check out this guide to the do's and do not's of equipment rental in the photo industry.
Justin Muschong Splashlight SoHo
The people who make one of New York's most prominent studios tick talk to Resource Magazine's Justin Muschong about Splashlight, the work that they do there, and how they ended up in the photo industry.
Audrey Kobayashi The Parallel Worlds of Art and Production
Resource Magazine's Audrey Kobayashi explores the history and contemporary role of the art producer in both commercial and fine art photography.
Justin Muschong Tricks of the Trade: Food Stylist
Wondering how to make your food shots look tasty? A premiere food stylist offers photographers some tips in this article from Resource Magazine.

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