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Publisher: Focal Press

Robert Hirsch Seeing with a Camera
Robert Hirsch discusses how framing, focus, and angles of view affect image elements—and provides exercises to help you develop your own working method of evaluating and composing a scene.
Kenneth Kobré Photojournalism: General News
Kenneth Kobré talks about how photojournalists can get access, avoid photo-op traps, and capture insightful news images that stand out from the pack's.
Robert Hirsch Essential Moments in Photographic Printmaking
Robert Hirsch surveys the diverse ways photographic movements and practices have addressed the question "What is a photograph?” throughout the history of the medium.
Angela Faris Belt Framing and Borders
Angela Faris Belt takes a close look at how to place and style those four essential edges that determine the form and meaning of images—and offers exercises to hone your framing and composition skills.
Michael Freeman The Image Frame
How does a viewer's eye navigate an image's composition, and how can photographers influence the process when framing the image? Michael Freeman goes in-depth on everything from aspect ratios to Fibonacci divisions in this excerpt from his Focal Press book.
Shirley Read Text, Printed, and Publicity Materials
Shirley Read explains how to write effective text, titles, and artist's statements to accompany images in an exhibition.
Brian Stoppee, Janet Stoppee The Color of Light
Understanding the characteristics of light is fundamental to the craft of photography. Get a handle on them with this excerpt from Brian and Janet and Stoppee's Focal Press book.

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