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Publisher: Amherst Media

Ernst Wildi The Importance of Color
Ernst Wildi explains how to use color to create a mood and improve composition in this excerpt from his Amherst Media book Master Composition Guide for Digital Photographers.
Glenn Rand White-Line and Black-Line Lighting
Dr. Glenn Rand demonstrates how to use lights, reflectors, flags, and mirrors to create precisely controlled shots of glass objects.
Robert Morrissey Lighting Rooms
How do you light a space featuring two models, one product, fifteen reflective materials, overhead tungsten lights, and a window? Robert Morrissey explains.
Michelle Perkins Posing Basics for Women
Michelle Perkins provides an overview of the fundamental rules of traditional posing for head-and-shoulders, waist-up, three-quarter-length, and full-length portraits.
Glenn Rand Lighting for Photography: Control
Dr. Glenn Rand explains how to calculate exposure and how to test your digital camera to determine its true ISO equivalent.
Allison Earnest Incident and Reflected Light
Allison Earnest explains how to evaluate, manipulate, and meter incident and reflected light to sculpt a portrait.
Doug Box Guide to Posing: Hands and Arms
Shooting a professional portrait is all about sweating the details. Doug Box explains how to tell your portrait subjects what to do with their hands.
Billy Pegram Light Placement
In this excerpt from Lighting Techniques for Photographing Model Portfolios, Billy Pegram demonstrates how to bring out a model's beauty, change the tone of a shot, and play up (or down) specific physical features—all by positioning your lights.
Stephen A. Dantzig The Characteristics of Light
Stephen A. Dantzig gives a lesson on how to control exposure by understanding the quantity, quality, color temperature, and additive nature of light.

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