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Category: Set Elements, Styling, and Props

Justin Muschong Resource Guide to Kits
Whether you're putting together a professional kit, assisting, or just wearing multiple hats at your own shoot, knowing which tools to bring on set separates the dabblers from the pros. Resource Magazine's guide to kits covers make-up; hair, food, and wardrobe styling; set building; model making; producing; and even baby wrangling.
Mike Wilcox Tricks of the Trade: Best Boy/Electrician
Like a best man, he's got to be reliable, remain calm in any shocking situation that might arise, and clean up nice. Alec Bova explains how to be the best best boy ever.
Elizabeth Leitzell Mission: Propel Energy Drink
Commercial photographer Vincent Dixon talks to Resource Magazine's Elizabeth Leitzell about how he shot an image involving galloping horses, a runner, and a Manhattan streetscape.
Christopher Grey Greenscreen
Want to photograph your subject in front of the Taj Mahal on a zero-dollar travel budget? You can drop in any background you like when you shoot photo and video subjects in front of a greenscreen. Learn how to set it up, light it, and drop it out with this excerpt from Amherst Media book Christopher Grey's Lighting Techniques for Beauty and Glamour Photography.
Jana Hsu Interview: Dyann Klein of Props For Today
The founder of New York's premier prop rental shop talks about how she started the business while working as a stylist, why it's better to rent than to buy, and where she gets all that stuff.
Elizabeth Leitzell Mission: T-Home
How do you create an image of a bathroom seamlessly leading to an opera stage? Commercial photographer Gregor Collienne explains.
Justin Muschong Tricks of the Trade: Food Stylist
Wondering how to make your food shots look tasty? A premiere food stylist offers photographers some tips in this article from Resource Magazine.
Jenny Kate Sherman Tricks of the Trade: Make-up Artist
Make-up artist Pascale Poma talks to Resource Magazine about the role of her profession, the hardest part of her job, and viewing skin as a canvas.
Jeff Siti How To Sketch a Set
Resource Magazine provides a step-by-step rundown of how to measure a space, sketch a set, and impress the crew with your engineer-like precision.

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