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Michael Shainblum Who wants to spend the night capturing beautiful images of the Milky Way and Night Sky?
Let’s backpack with Michael Shainblum into the beautiful Broken Top Caldera to shoot some timelapses and images. For some serious inspiration, start with his 4K timelapse showing the Milky Way gliding over the peak as the moon starts to shine light onto it.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Cinematographer Owen Donovan
Motion pictures, from quick clips for mobile devices to full-length productions, have never been more ubiquitous or accessible. What does it all mean for people getting into the field today? Owen Donovan, an independent cinematographer whose work ranges from commercial shorts and music videos to narrative features, talked to us about what it takes to succeed in today’s motion industry, the pleasures and demands of the job, and the role a director of photography plays.
PhotoVideoEDU staff Master's Showcase: Andrew Eccles
Andrew Eccles talks to PhotoVideoEDU about how he got his start as an assistant, how he broke out on his own, and how some of his most meaningful images affected his life and the lives of others.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Photo Humorist Timothy Bailey
What do you get when you cross a photo school graduate with a funnyman? We didn’t know either, so we asked Timothy Bailey, a New York-based commercial photographer who has built a career by blending technical chops with humor since graduating from Art Center College of Design in 2008. While still a student there, Bailey got a jump on professional networking and creative concepting by seeking out advertising students to collaborate with on full-fledged campaigns. He talked with us about becoming a pro, making funny pictures, and developing a niche.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Portraitist and Lighting Director PAYAM
Combine a keen eye for the nuances of light and a warm touch with people from all walks of life, and what do you get? PAYAM. The LA- and New York-based artist is both a photographer who specializes in portraiture and a lighting director whose meticulous approach lends itself to crafting the look of high-end commercial shoots. He talked with us about how he broke into the photo industry in the early aughts and what young photographers need to know to make it in today’s tough market.
PhotoVideoEDU staff Master's Showcase: Art Wolfe
Art Wolfe talks to PhotoVideoEDU about the life of a nature photographer, getting up close to wild animals, and the value of creating work for books.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Concert Tour Photographer Tom Falcone
Any rock fan knows that super troupers spend their time on stage smiling, having fun, and feeling like a number one, but what goes on behind the scenes? Mercifully, we have tour photographers like Tom Falcone to give us a look. Ten months out of the year, he’s on the road, capturing the life and times of musicians on tour. Falcone started traveling with bands at the tender age of 17, touching down in Boston just long enough to complete a two-year program at the New England School of Photography before hitting the road again. He’s the guy who shoots the photos and videos that end up on the band’s social media outlets, in magazines, and in larger projects like books and DVDs. We asked him about the gig.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Music Photographer Drew Gurian
Marrying a love for photography together with another passion has put many a photographer on the path to greatness. New York-based music photographer Drew Gurian has successfully parlayed his twin passions into a career that straddles two fast-moving industries. He talked with us about how he went from playing in bands to photographing them, what he learned about being a pro from his years as Joe McNally’s first assistant, and the kinds of music industry clients he works with today.
Heather Simon Tricks of the Trade: Creative Director
Long before a photographer shoots an iconic ad, it begins as a glimmer in the eye of an advertising pro. Billy Faraut talks to Resource Magazine about the ins and outs of being an ad agency creative director.

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