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Aimee Baldridge Lighthill on Light: A Conversation with the Cinematographer
Stephen Lighthill, ASC, chair of the American Film Institute Conservatory’s cinematography program, talks about what his students know about light that the rest of us don’t, how lighting a set is like playing pool, and why a light meter is the primary tool of the cinematographer.
Victor Ha HDSLR Video Tip: Create a Custom White Balance for HDSLR Video
How do you capture natural and accurate colors in your video footage, and keep them consistent when you’re shooting with multiple cameras? Keep a white balance target stashed in your bag, and it will take you just a few minutes to nail the color for your shoot—and save yourself hours of postproduction time later. Victor Ha explains how in this tip from HDSLR Video Bootcamp for Photographers.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: Cinematographer Eric Steelberg, ASC
The director of photography for films including Up in the Air, Labor Day, and Juno talks about how he uses a meter during preproduction and on set, how he handled the complicated lighting situations in Up in the Air, and the sometimes counterintuitive ways he's used light to communicate moods and themes in his collaborations with director Jason Reitman.
Jason Friedman Photographer, Meet Grip Gear
If you're a photographer getting into DSLR filmmaking, one of the things you'll need to get a grip on is grip gear. Jason Friedman talks about the advantages of putting together a solid grip kit.
Victor Ha HDSLR Video Tip: Set the Right Shutter Speed for Your HDSLR Video
Which shutter speed will give you the look and feel you want when you’re shooting motion? Victor Ha explains how to select the right setting and why it’s a good idea to keep a set of neutral density filters in your video bag in this tip from HDSLR Video Bootcamp for Photographers.
Cybel Martin Video Crew Breakdown
Getting into filmmaking? If you're assisting, planning your own shoot, or scoping out the job market, get up to speed on who does what on a cine set with this article from Resource Magazine.
Victor Ha HDSLR Video Tip: Whip Pan with a Video Monopod
How do you instantly inject excitement into your motion footage with just your camera and a monopod? You must whip it. Victor Ha explains how in this tip from HDSLR Video Bootcamp for Photographers.
Aimee Baldridge Interview: SNL Film Unit DP Alex Buono
The longtime Saturday Night Live Film Unit Director of Photography talks about scouting and lighting spots for the show on a tight schedule, how he recreates the looks of commercials and movies for parodies, and how he uses metering and monitors together to fine-tune his setups.
Lou Lesko Paint It Red: Photocine Hits the Town
Learning to shoot video isn't just about familiarizing yourself with a few new camera settings. It requires a different of looking at things than still shooting. Photographer Lou Lesko goes in depth about the video mindset.

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