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Category: Exposure and Metering

Michael Shainblum Who wants to spend the night capturing beautiful images of the Milky Way and Night Sky?
Let’s backpack with Michael Shainblum into the beautiful Broken Top Caldera to shoot some timelapses and images. For some serious inspiration, start with his 4K timelapse showing the Milky Way gliding over the peak as the moon starts to shine light onto it.
Stephen A. Dantzig The Characteristics of Light
Stephen A. Dantzig gives a lesson on how to control exposure by understanding the quantity, quality, color temperature, and additive nature of light.
Don Marr Overcast Day
How do you take advantage of the soft, even light of an overcast day without ending up with images that look flat and unflattering? Don Marr explains how to expose photographs of people when it's cloudy out in this excerpt from his Amherst Media book Available Light.
Jim Zuckerman Jim Zuckerman on Landscape Photography: Shooting into the Sun
Photographer Jim Zuckerman explains how to meter and compose images that use the sun as a key element in the fifth article of his fifteen-part series on landscape photography.
Doug Box Metering and Exposure
Get a firm grasp of how shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO relate; how to meter a scene effectively; and how to trigger your flash wirelessly from a handheld meter with this excerpt from the Amherst Media book Doug Box's Flash Photography.
Jim Zuckerman Balancing Flash with Ambient Light
How do you combine flash with ambient lighting to balance foreground and background exposure in a scene? Jim Zuckerman covers the metering modes, camera settings, and processes that will give you creative control.
Glenn Rand Lighting for Photography: Control
Dr. Glenn Rand explains how to calculate exposure and how to test your digital camera to determine its true ISO equivalent.
Allison Earnest Exposure with Off-Camera Flash
Allison Earnest explains how to take control of the balance between background and subject exposure on a location shoot in this excerpt from her Amherst Media book The Digital Photographer's Guide to Light Modifiers.
Jim Zuckerman Common Metering Mistakes
So you metered your scene and checked your settings twice, but the shot just isn't coming out right. Jim Zuckerman explains how to avoid seven common metering mistakes.

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