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Category: Digital Capture Tech

3 Tips for Shooting Fireworks
For us, the wonderment of fireworks never ceases. Capture spectacular displays with these three tips!
Michelle Brady Dream Tech: The Way of the A-List Tech
You know that it's vital to stay on top of the latest developments in technology if you're going to stay in demand as a digital tech. But what else do you need to do to stay on photographers' go-to lists? Michelle Brady talked to several A-List New York techs about what they do to make themselves indispensable.
Michelle Brady Dream Tech: Network Your Macs
What could possibly be better than a blazing Mac on which to work your technical wizardry? Two Macs, obviously. Get the step-by-step on networking your (or your client's) Macs to create a more stable, speedy, and spacious platform for your workflow.
Chris Garrison Chris Garrison Strobe Shoot
You can find, and get lost in, a ton of technical talk all over the internet about the new Transmitters High Sync capabilities and all the features on the ELC Pro with it’s intuitive OLED display and built-in receivers. Here's the low down...
Michelle Brady, Melanie McLean Dream Tech: Get Your Digital Tech On
Hello, aspiring digital techs. Look at yourself in the mirror. Now look at the Dream Tech. Now back at the mirror. Now back at the Dream Tech. What does he have in his gear bag? Can you attain his wizard-like level of technical skill? No. But you can do a decent Dream Tech impersonation if you read this new series of articles from technical expert Michelle Brady.
Michelle Brady Dream Tech: What’s on Your Hard Drive?
Crashes! Malfunctions! File corruption! Data loss! When disaster strikes, the Dream Tech flies to the rescue and saves the photographer's . . . neck. Top tech Richard Marot explains what he carries on his hard drive to every shoot so that in the midst of a crisis he can become the Dream Tech.
Sylvia Gyrion Tricks of the Trade: Digital Tech
Veteran tech Travis Drennen explains what it takes to be on top of your game as a digital capture tech.
Michelle Brady Dream Tech: The Essential Grip Kit
Does Superman spend all his time hunched in front of a monitor? Batman? The Green Lantern? When you're the hero of the story, sometimes you have to get physical. And the Dream Tech is no different—securing lights, kludging connections, and whipping out a multitool to handle other grip-related tasks. New York Dream Techs Erika Hokanson and Ryan Brooks explain what they carry on set in their essential grip kits.
Michelle Brady Dream Tech: The Well-Equipped Tech
Like a photographic MacGyver, the well-equipped tech always has just the right tool at hand, whether it's a high-tech calibrator for fine-tuning color or a bag of rocks to keep the lights from getting blown over by the wind on location. Well-equipped tech Kotaro Kawashima gives us a look inside the gear bag he brings on set.

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