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Category: Composition and Posing

Jim Zuckerman Jim Zuckerman on Composition: Framing
Photographer Jim Zuckerman explains how to frame image elements to create compelling photographs in the third article of his sixteen-part series on composition.
Scott Kranz Around the Olympics with the New Globetrotter Air
From a moody morning to a starry surprise, Scott Kranz’s epic adventure around the Olympic Peninsula is one story you won’t want to miss!
Ernst Wildi The Importance of Color
Ernst Wildi explains how to use color to create a mood and improve composition in this excerpt from his Amherst Media book Master Composition Guide for Digital Photographers.
Varina Patel Capturing the Wind with Varina Patel
Do you put your camera away when it gets windy? Or do you pull it out and let the wind paint a picture for you?
Jim Zuckerman Jim Zuckerman on Landscape Photography: Aerial Perspectives
Photographer Jim Zuckerman talks about how to shoot from a high vantage point in the ninth article of his fifteen-part series on landscape photography.
Robert Hirsch Seeing with a Camera
Robert Hirsch discusses how framing, focus, and angles of view affect image elements—and provides exercises to help you develop your own working method of evaluating and composing a scene.
Brenda Tharp Tips for Better Landscape and Travel Photographs
When you want to make your best landscapes or travel scenes, a tripod is still the best way to go. Tripods force you to work more slowly, and because of that, you tend to be more careful with your composition and focus.
Jim Zuckerman Jim Zuckerman on Composition: Leading Lines
Photographer Jim Zuckerman explains how to use leading lines to direct the viewer's eye in the second article of his sixteen-part series on composition.
Angela Faris Belt Framing and Borders
Angela Faris Belt takes a close look at how to place and style those four essential edges that determine the form and meaning of images—and offers exercises to hone your framing and composition skills.

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