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Category: Business Practices

Emily Miller Producing a Commercial Photo Shoot: Step by Step
Producer Susan Shaughnessy walks through each stage required to put together an advertising shoot on location in LA. Find out how to orchestrate a large-scale production and learn what each of the key players does in this article from liveBooks RESOLVE.
Karen Dorame Ten Tips from the Photographer's Guide to Making Money
Breaking into the market as a photographer and making a living in a tough economy takes more than photographic talent. Photographer Karen Dorame passes along some words of wisdom on how to make it as a pro in this selection of tips from her Amherst Media book.
PhotoVideoEDU staff Career Options: Photographer
Get an overview of some of the areas of specialization that are open to working photographers, along with links to organizations that offer more information about the professional practices and requirements of each.
Audrey Kobayashi The Parallel Worlds of Art and Production
Resource Magazine's Audrey Kobayashi explores the history and contemporary role of the art producer in both commercial and fine art photography.
Kirk Tuck Corporate Photography
Companies hire photographers for more than just advertising shoots. Learn about the kinds of images they need, the skills and tools you need to create them, and how to get and keep corporate clients with this excerpt from Kirk Tuck's Amherst Media book Commercial Photography Handbook.
PhotoVideoEDU staff Career Options: Photo-Related Fields
Being a photographer isn't the only career path open to someone with a photography degree. Get an overview of other options related to image making, along with links to organizations that offer more information about the professional practices and requirements of each.
Cliff Hollenbeck Photographic Ability and Creativity
You may be studying photography for love, but if you want to spend your working life creating images, you'll have to do it for money, too. Cliff Hollenbeck gives a working pro's perspective on how to balance creative goals with financial imperatives, and tells you what you need to bring to the table to succeed.
PhotoVideoEDU staff Master's Showcase: Norman Jean Roy
Norman Jean Roy talks to PhotoVideoEDU about the importance of recording life's journey, how he broke into the photo industry, and how a single magazine issue changed the course of his career.
Jon Melamed Etiquette: Nudity on Set
Whether you're behind the camera or working elsewhere on set, creating a comfortable work environment is essential when you have a nude model. Learn how to keep things professional in this article from Resource Magazine.

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