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Category: Assisting

Brian Dwyer Tricks of the Trade: Photo Assistant
Assistant Marqui Akins hands down the commandments of his Photo Assistants’ Bible in this article from Resource Magazine.
Kenny Ulloa Etiquette: Internship
Thinking of working as a photo intern? This Resource Magazine article gives you the lowdown on what to expect and how to comport yourself to maximum interning effect.
Jonathan Melamed Etiquette: Equipment Rental
If you haven't learned the hard way already, check out this guide to the do's and do not's of equipment rental in the photo industry.
Jeff Siti How To: Make Coffee
In assisting, as in love, it's often the little things that count. And no one will ever ask you for just a coffee with a little sugar on set. Learn the seductive art of coffee making from this Resource Magazine article.
Kenny Ulloa Etiquette: Celebrities On Set
It's your big chance to get that autograph Magic Markered onto your bicep! Not. Kenny Ulloa explains how to behave yourself when there's a celebrity on set.

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