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Quentin Décaillet What Umbrella Do I Need?
Umbrellas are the perfect tool for both starters and advanced photographers. It's a great and inexpensive tool to experiment with lighting. They produce a soft light well-suited to wedding and portraiture photography
Scott Kranz Around the Olympics with the New Globetrotter Air
From a moody morning to a starry surprise, Scott Kranz’s epic adventure around the Olympic Peninsula is one story you won’t want to miss!
Emily Miller Producing a Commercial Photo Shoot: Step by Step
Producer Susan Shaughnessy walks through each stage required to put together an advertising shoot on location in LA. Find out how to orchestrate a large-scale production and learn what each of the key players does in this article from liveBooks RESOLVE.
Brenda Tharp Tips for Better Landscape and Travel Photographs
When you want to make your best landscapes or travel scenes, a tripod is still the best way to go. Tripods force you to work more slowly, and because of that, you tend to be more careful with your composition and focus.
Jim Zuckerman Jim Zuckerman on Landscape Photography: Aerial Perspectives
Photographer Jim Zuckerman talks about how to shoot from a high vantage point in the ninth article of his fifteen-part series on landscape photography.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Photo Humorist Timothy Bailey
What do you get when you cross a photo school graduate with a funnyman? We didn’t know either, so we asked Timothy Bailey, a New York-based commercial photographer who has built a career by blending technical chops with humor since graduating from Art Center College of Design in 2008. While still a student there, Bailey got a jump on professional networking and creative concepting by seeking out advertising students to collaborate with on full-fledged campaigns. He talked with us about becoming a pro, making funny pictures, and developing a niche.
Michael Shainblum Who wants to spend the night capturing beautiful images of the Milky Way and Night Sky?
Let’s backpack with Michael Shainblum into the beautiful Broken Top Caldera to shoot some timelapses and images. For some serious inspiration, start with his 4K timelapse showing the Milky Way gliding over the peak as the moon starts to shine light onto it.
Jim Zuckerman Jim Zuckerman on Composition: Leading Lines
Photographer Jim Zuckerman explains how to use leading lines to direct the viewer's eye in the second article of his sixteen-part series on composition.
Aimee Baldridge Breaking In: Concert Tour Photographer Tom Falcone
Any rock fan knows that super troupers spend their time on stage smiling, having fun, and feeling like a number one, but what goes on behind the scenes? Mercifully, we have tour photographers like Tom Falcone to give us a look. Ten months out of the year, he’s on the road, capturing the life and times of musicians on tour. Falcone started traveling with bands at the tender age of 17, touching down in Boston just long enough to complete a two-year program at the New England School of Photography before hitting the road again. He’s the guy who shoots the photos and videos that end up on the band’s social media outlets, in magazines, and in larger projects like books and DVDs. We asked him about the gig.

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