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Metering and ExposureArticle: Exposure and Metering Metering and Exposure
Get a firm grasp of how shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO relate; how to meter a scene effectively; and how to trigger your flash wirelessly from a handheld meter with this excerpt from the Amherst Media book Doug Box's Flash Photography.
Masters Showcase: Mark SeligerArticle: Interviews and Profiles Masters Showcase: Mark Seliger
Mark Seliger talks to PhotoVideoEDU about how he developed a career that led him to becoming Rolling Stone's chief photographer, his approach to photographing icons of the music world, and the importance of persistence.
Tenba Cooper BagsVideo: Tenba Tenba Cooper Bags
The Tenba Cooper bags are luxury camera bags that wont sacrifice on pro performance, or compromise your style no matter how well you dress. With materials pleasing to the eye and to the touch, these bags will provide the same long-term rugged durability a
4 Lighting Styles Using the Sekonic 478DR for ElinchromVideo: Exposure and Metering | Sekonic 4 Lighting Styles Using the Sekonic 478DR for Elinchrom
In the latest Sekonic video, Joe Brady clearly and thoughtfully explores different lighting styles using the Sekonic 478-DR-EL light meter that could benefit both you and your clients.
Breaking In: Documentary Photographer Matt EichArticle: Interviews and Profiles Breaking In: Documentary Photographer Matt Eich
The award-winning 25-year-old photographer talks about developing the right mix of clients and projects, why he joined with other photographers to found the collective LUCEO, and what it takes to make a life documenting our times.
Tenba Shootout ActionPack 14L for GoPro®Video: Tenba Tenba Shootout ActionPack 14L for GoPro®
We love our GoPro®. The Tenba Shootout ActionPack was built to solve 2 issues we had when using it: 1. Organizing all those pieces and parts 2. No one wants to get off a bike or snowboard just to swap out a battery, memory card or mount. See how the
Strictly Business 3: The Agile Photographer: A Multimedia Partner for BusinessVideo: Business Practices Strictly Business 3: The Agile Photographer: A Multimedia Partner for Business
Jay Kinghorn explains how integrating new roles with your existing photographic services lets you become a trusted partner and adviser to help clients navigate the myriad visual marketing options available, playing an integral and irreplaceable role in yo
Webinar: Classical Posing and Portrait Lighting Video: Lighting Webinar: Classical Posing and Portrait Lighting
While rules are often meant to be broken, knowing the techniques to create classic posing and lighting patterns is a skill every portrait photographer should have. In this webinar, host Joe Brady and his special guest Frank Dispensa analyze common posing
Getting Started with Copying TransparenciesVideo: Print and Material Archiving Getting Started with Copying Transparencies
Capturing a negative or transparency using a copy stand and light box or Kaiser Copylizer system can be simple, high quality, and efficient. Plus, it is much faster and easier than using a scanner Join us while we review some of the best practices when co

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