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Interview: Fashion and Editorial Image Maker Daniel O'NeillArticle: Interviews and Profiles Interview: Fashion and Editorial Image Maker Daniel O'Neill
Photographer and motion artist Daniel O’Neill talks about the logistics of producing both stills and video for a commercial client, why Mongolian horsemen make a great photo crew, and how new technology has made it more important for image makers to trave
Webinar: Let's Learn Lighting: Outdoor BasicsVideo: Lighting Webinar: Let's Learn Lighting: Outdoor Basics
In this 90-minute Friday Photo School webinar, photographer and technical expert Will Crockett gives an in-depth course on lighting portraits in outdoor locations.
Dream Tech: Network Your MacsArticle: Digital Capture Tech Dream Tech: Network Your Macs
What could possibly be better than a blazing Mac on which to work your technical wizardry? Two Macs, obviously. Get the step-by-step on networking your (or your client's) Macs to create a more stable, speedy, and spacious platform for your workflow.
Framing and BordersArticle: Composition and Posing Framing and Borders
Angela Faris Belt takes a close look at how to place and style those four essential edges that determine the form and meaning of images—and offers exercises to hone your framing and composition skills.
Pro Perspectives: Gregory HeislerArticle: Interviews and Profiles Pro Perspectives: Gregory Heisler
Gregory Heisler talks to PhotoVideoEDU about shaping light, the influence of painting, and what makes a good assistant.
Featured Educator: Colleen MullinsArticle: Interviews and Profiles Featured Educator: Colleen Mullins
The Art Institutes International Minnesota Photography Academic Director talks about how following trails blazed by her parents has led to some of her most fruitful personal projects, how a personal project has in turn grown into a student program, and ho
Benro MoveOver4 SliderVideo: Benro Benro MoveOver4 Slider
The Benro MoveOver4 is an entry-level portable camera slider that allows you to achieve cinematic camera movements with ease.
Jim Zuckerman on Composition: Distinctive PerspectivesArticle: Composition and Posing Jim Zuckerman on Composition: Distinctive Perspectives
Photographer Jim Zuckerman talks about using high and low angles to create engaging images in the twelfth article of his sixteen-part series on composition.
Background LightArticle: Lighting Background Light
How do you set up and meter a background light for a well-exposed portrait? Jeff Smith explains it in this excerpt from his Amherst Media book Step-by-Step Lighting for Studio Portrait Photography.

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