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Sekonic ProSpeak: Using a Meter for Cinematography and VideographyVideo: Exposure and Metering Sekonic ProSpeak: Using a Meter for Cinematography and Videography
In this edition of Sekonic ProSpeak, cinematographer Robert Goodman discusses the vital role a light meter plays when he's shooting film or video on set.
Insurance Protection for PhotographersArticle: Business Practices Insurance Protection for Photographers
Special counsel Arie Kopelman explains how to get coverage that will keep you from losing your shirt when Murphy's law prevails in this excerpt from the Allworth Press book Starting Your Career as a Freelance Photographer.
HDSLR Video Tip: Create a Custom White Balance for HDSLR VideoArticle: Filmmaking HDSLR Video Tip: Create a Custom White Balance for HDSLR Video
How do you capture natural and accurate colors in your video footage, and keep them consistent when you’re shooting with multiple cameras? Keep a white balance target stashed in your bag, and it will take you just a few minutes to nail the color for your
Adventure Photography: Mountain BikingArticle: Camera Techniques Adventure Photography: Mountain Biking
Action shooter Michael Clark goes in-depth on how he captures fast-moving mountain bikers, from lens selection to lighting, in this excerpt from his book Adventure Photography.
Jeff Curto's Photo History Podcast: Muybridge, Marey, and the MoviesVideo: History, Criticism, and Commentary Jeff Curto's Photo History Podcast: Muybridge, Marey, and the Movies
Jeff Curto discusses stop-motion photography as practiced by Edweard Muybridge, Etienne-Jules Marey, and others. These scientific experiments ultimately led to the development of motion pictures by Edison.
Paint It Red: Photocine Hits the TownArticle: Filmmaking Paint It Red: Photocine Hits the Town
Learning to shoot video isn't just about familiarizing yourself with a few new camera settings. It requires a different of looking at things than still shooting. Photographer Lou Lesko goes in depth about the video mindset.
Tricks of the Trade: Food StylistArticle: Set Elements, Styling, and Props Tricks of the Trade: Food Stylist
Wondering how to make your food shots look tasty? A premiere food stylist offers photographers some tips in this article from Resource Magazine.
Parish Kohanim - ILFORDVideo: Print and Material Archiving Parish Kohanim - ILFORD
ILFORD Master Parish Kohanim discusses his love of colors, the importance of color in our everyday lives, as well as his printing process when reproducing his favorite types of colors.
Tenba Cooper BagsVideo: Tenba Tenba Cooper Bags
The Tenba Cooper bags are luxury camera bags that wont sacrifice on pro performance, or compromise your style no matter how well you dress. With materials pleasing to the eye and to the touch, these bags will provide the same long-term rugged durability a

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