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Getting Started with Copying TransparenciesVideo: Print and Material Archiving Getting Started with Copying Transparencies
Capturing a negative or transparency using a copy stand and light box or Kaiser Copylizer system can be simple, high quality, and efficient. Plus, it is much faster and easier than using a scanner Join us while we review some of the best practices when co
How To: Write an InvoiceArticle: Business Forms and Correspondence How To: Write an Invoice
You've done the shoot, your client is happy, and you're sure your photographs have broken new ground in the history of image making. But now it's time to pay the rent. Learn how to write a professional invoice for your services.
Interview: National Geographic Photographer Ira BlockArticle: Interviews and Profiles Interview: National Geographic Photographer Ira Block
The veteran photographer talks about what he's learned over 30 years of shooting in environments that range from arctic ice fields to desert sands. Block tells us what he brings along on his global photographic journeys and how pictures of penguins are di
AbelCineTech Features Sekonic L-308DC Cine MeterVideo: Tools and Gear AbelCineTech Features Sekonic L-308DC Cine Meter
Andy Shipsides of AbelCineTech and Jem Schofield from C47 Productions talk about shooting video with a large-sensor Panasonic camera, reading a waveform monitor, and metering for video with the Sekonic L-308DC's cine mode.
Featured Photography Program: Long Island UniversityArticle: Teaching Featured Photography Program: Long Island University
LIU’s Daniel Mirer and Thom O’Connor talk about the program's focus on conceptual practice in art, its blend of a traditional campus setting and access to New York City, and the one-on-one attention its students receive.
Etiquette: Celebrities On SetArticle: Assisting Etiquette: Celebrities On Set
It's your big chance to get that autograph Magic Markered onto your bicep! Not. Kenny Ulloa explains how to behave yourself when there's a celebrity on set.
Jim Zuckerman on Composition: LinesArticle: Composition and Posing Jim Zuckerman on Composition: Lines
Photographer Jim Zuckerman talks about the eight basic kinds of lines and how to locate them in a scene to create engaging images in the tenth article of his sixteen-part series on composition.
Webinar: Location Environmental Portrait Photography Video: Exposure and Metering Webinar: Location Environmental Portrait Photography
Portraits taken on location provide the opportunity for photographers to tell a more complete story about their subject. The environment helps explain the relationship your subject has with a place or activity. It can be something as simple as being outdo
Metering for Large Format FilmArticle: Exposure and Metering Metering for Large Format Film
Photographer Guy Rhodes shares his metering techniques and explains why it's essential to use a handheld meter for his 4x5 film images.

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