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Master's Showcase: Art WolfeArticle: Interviews and Profiles Master's Showcase: Art Wolfe
Art Wolfe talks to PhotoVideoEDU about the life of a nature photographer, getting up close to wild animals, and the value of creating work for books.
Incident- versus Reflected-Light MeteringArticle: Exposure and Metering Incident- versus Reflected-Light Metering
Learn about the benefits of using a light meter and the differences between incident- and reflected-light metering.
Histograms and Light Meters: How They Work TogetherArticle: Exposure and Metering Histograms and Light Meters: How They Work Together
Hone your exposure control through an understanding of histograms and light meter readings.
Studio & Location Shooting with EL-Skyport Plus HS for SonyVideo: Lighting Studio & Location Shooting with EL-Skyport Plus HS for Sony
Photographer Joe Brady explores the next biggest thing for Sony shooters, Elinchrom's new EL Skyport Plus HS system with Hi-Sync capability. This system allows you to shoot studio and portable strobes with shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second. Check
How to Get a Gallery ShowArticle: Business Practices How to Get a Gallery Show
Having visions of your photos hanging on a white wall while art connoisseurs sip white wine nearby and murmur compliments about your work? Time to stop daydreaming and get the ball rolling.
Breaking In: Digital Tech Shannon RoddyArticle: Interviews and Profiles Breaking In: Digital Tech Shannon Roddy
Just as the end of the Dark Ages gave rise to the Renaissance man, so a modern polymath arose from the ashes of the film age: the digital tech, a.k.a. the capture tech. Working on set by the glow of a well-calibrated screen, this discreet Leonardo mingles
The Elephant in the RoomArticle: Business Practices The Elephant in the Room
Four pros talk about the thing nobody's talking about: How to survive as a photographer during tough times.
Text, Printed, and Publicity MaterialsArticle: Exhibiting Prints Text, Printed, and Publicity Materials
Shirley Read explains how to write effective text, titles, and artist's statements to accompany images in an exhibition.

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