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Metering for Large Format FilmArticle: Exposure and Metering Metering for Large Format Film
Photographer Guy Rhodes shares his metering techniques and explains why it's essential to use a handheld meter for his 4x5 film images.
Featured Photography Program: College of Southern NevadaArticle: Teaching Featured Photography Program: College of Southern Nevada
Media Technologies Department Chair Randy Becker talks about the CSN Commercial Photography program’s large and diverse student body, its unique Las Vegas setting, and the hands-on professional training it provides.
Metering and ExposureArticle: Exposure and Metering Metering and Exposure
Get a firm grasp of how shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO relate; how to meter a scene effectively; and how to trigger your flash wirelessly from a handheld meter with this excerpt from the Amherst Media book Doug Box's Flash Photography.
Controlling Light with Matthew Jordan SmithVideo: Exposure and Metering Controlling Light with Matthew Jordan Smith
World-renowned photographer Matthew Jordan Smith explains how to light a white background, meter for a creative beauty shot, work with lighting ratios, and more.
Michael Clark: ILFORD's Newest MasterVideo: Print and Material Archiving Michael Clark: ILFORD's Newest Master
ILFORD's newest Master, Adventure & Sports Photographer Michael Clark speaks out about how he got his start in photography, and how important making prints are to him, and his decision process when making prints of his images.
Digital Infrared Photography: Practical AspectsArticle: Alternative Processes Digital Infrared Photography: Practical Aspects
Get a handle on the technical requirements when taking infrared photos with a digital camera from this excerpt of Cyrill Harnischmacher's Rocky Nook book.
Jim Zuckerman on Composition: BalanceArticle: Composition and Posing Jim Zuckerman on Composition: Balance
Photographer Jim Zuckerman explains how to balance image elements to create engaging photographs in the eleventh article of his sixteen-part series on composition.
Basics of MeteringVideo: Exposure and Metering Basics of Metering
Overcome the limitations of your camera's light meter. Join photographer Mark Wallace as he covers the essentials of using a handheld light meter.
Jeff Curto's Photo History Podcast: Charles DodgesonVideo: History, Criticism, and Commentary Jeff Curto's Photo History Podcast: Charles Dodgeson
Jeff Curto discusses 19th century photographer Charles Dodgeson, better known by his pen name of Lewis Carroll.

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