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Christine Szeredy


Academy of Art University



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September 28, 2009


“Fashion is one of the richest expressions of human desires and visions, needs, fragilities, insecurities and securities, but yet what we wear is an indication of our sense of our self’s. It is a gift. Fashion has been in all our history …” (Richard Avedon) I am the happiest when I am shooting, trying to be better today then yesterday. Photography is a constant improvement for me. Born in Germany, I grew up close to the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. My parents gave me the opportunity to travel extensively within Europe and Northern Africa. They made it possible for me to enjoy different cultures, architecture and environments, from an early age; which resulted in my ability to incorporate the environment in my work. Growing up with a mother that was working for a fashion designer, I learned a lot about the process from pattern making to sewing. Since Fashion photography is about the garments; I feel knowing the history of fashion and how the different fabrics photograph is an important factor to being a successful fashion photographer. After graduating in Germany I moved to the United States. Where my idea of becoming a photographer is becoming more of a reality everyday. I really don’t know how to describe this step. Lets just say moving with a minimum knowledge of English to the Bay Area was an interesting experience. Luckily I had a lot of help from the most amazing people - teaching me English and helping me finding my way in a foreign country. They are to this day some of my closest friends and family. All in all it has been an amazing adventure.
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