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Grossmont College


El Cajon, California

Member since

January 25, 2014

Photography program names

Associate of Arts in Photography, Certificate in Photography

Photography degrees offered

Associate's, Certificate


Commercial, Fine Art, Photojournalism, Documentary, Portrait/Wedding

Photographic facilities available

Our new facility is 5,000 square feet with 10 fully equipped film rooms for 35mm black-and-white to 4x5 film processing. We have two 19-station black-and-white print darkrooms capable of enlarging up to 4x5 film. In addition, we have 30 computers, 8 flatbed and 3 film scanners, 5 networked printers, an alternative-process laboratory, and a three-station fully equipped lighting studio.

Photographic gear available on campus

Students may check out small-, medium-, and large-format film cameras for limited use, as well as portable light kits for on-location lighting.

Number of instructors in photography departments

2 full-time instructors, 1 photography technician, 10 adjuncts

Typical class size

20-24 students for studio courses, 40 students for lecture course


For more detailed information, read the MAC-On-Campus Featured Program profile of Grossmont College's program. Professor Suda House talks in-depth about it.
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