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Trent Chau


Gwinnett Technical College



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September 28, 2009


I'm a portrait/wedding/event photographer in the Atlanta area. A hybrid of a student and a professional photographer. I'm still finalizing my photography degree, working as a freelance photographer, and also teaching photography at a local Atlanta photography institution. Ultimately my goal is to teach photography or marketing at a higher level learning institution.

I was a self taught photographer for over half a decade when in 2009 I started attending photography classes at Gwinnett Technical college. It was nice having the structure and goals a classroom can provide. Unfortunately I haven't graduated yet, but that should be finalized in 2012.

A big shout out to the Atlanta Photographers Guild. Marc Turnley and Co have been accepting of me since 2007 (even making me one of the admins!), and it has been a major influence on me and hundreds if not thousands of photographers in the Atlanta area. Come check us out.

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