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Hallmark Institute of Photography


Turners Falls, Massachusetts

Member since

February 05, 2013

Photography program names

Certificate of Completion in Professional Photography

Photography degrees offered



Commercial, Portrait/Wedding

Photographic facilities available

2 spacious computer labs containing 160 professional imaging workstations, 9 individual portrait studio bays, each equipped with a full set of professional studio lighting, a medium-format camera with a digital back, and a computer for tethering; 10 individual tabletop studios, each with a full set of professional studio lighting, grip equipment, a large-format camera with a digital back, and a computer for tethering; a video-editing lab with 20 workstations; a video studio equipped with continuous lighting, viewfinders, and audio recorders; a recording studio for voiceovers and interviews

Photographic gear available on campus

Students are issued a kit with a full-frame HDSLR camera, light meter, and tripod. They can also check out lenses, lighting kits, stands, modifiers, and grip equipment.

Number of instructors in photography departments

12 full-time faculty, various guest lecturers, 1 artist-in-residence; we maintain a minimum of 11:1 ratio of students to faculty

Number of students majoring in photography

about 100

Typical class size

about 20


For more detailed information, read the MAC-On-Campus Featured Program profile of Hallmark. Director of Education Lisa Robinson talks in-depth about it.
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