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The Art Institute of Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia

Member since

May 09, 2012

Photography program names

Photographic Imaging, Commercial Photography, Digital Image Management

Photography degrees offered

Associate's, Bachelor's, Diploma


Commercial, Photojournalism

Photographic facilities available

2 studios, 2 professional-level digital photography labs

Photographic gear available on campus

small- and medium-format digital cameras, lighting and studio equipment

Number of instructors in photography departments

4 full-time faculty, 3 adjunct faculty, additional visiting lecturers and guest speakers

Number of students majoring in photography

about 150

Typical class size

10 students for studio classes; 20-24 students for lecture and digital classes


For more detailed information, read the MAC-On-Campus Featured Program profile of The Art Institute of Atlanta's photography programs. Photographic Imaging Department Chair Dr. Linda Wood talks in-depth about them.
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