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Rochester Institute of Technology


Rochester, New York

Member since

February 13, 2012

Photography program names

Advertising Photography, Fine Art Photography, Photojournalism, Visual Media, Biomedical Photographic Communications, Imaging and Photographic Technology, MFA in Imaging Arts

Photography degrees offered

Bachelor's, Master's, Continuing education credits


Commercial, Fine Art, Photojournalism, Documentary, Biomedical, Imaging Technology

Photographic facilities available

~25 darkrooms, 2 teaching digital labs, suite of student digital labs, 2 graduate-dedicated labs and experimental studio, ~30 shooting studios, full professional service lab, light and electron microscopy labs, ophthalmic imaging labs, high-speed and instrumentation lab, as well as an imaging systems technology lab

Photographic gear available on campus

film and digital cameras in all formats, lighting and studio equipment

Number of instructors in photography departments

35 full-time faculty, about 15 adjuncts

Number of students majoring in photography

about 625


For more detailed information, read the MAC-On-Campus Featured Program profile of RIT's School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. Administrative Chair Therese Mulligan talks in-depth about it.
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