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Alexandra Marrero


Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta



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November 21, 2011


I do not remember the exact moment when I started wanting to be a photographer. My love for photography probably started when I was 8 and I got a Polaroid camera for my birthday. I quickly fell in love with the exhilarating feeling of watching the world through the lens! I took pictures of everything, then I would count the seconds for the image to magically appear on the photographic paper. Even at that young age I felt proud of my photographic creations. I still conserve the first picture I took as a treasure. Later in life, being the daughter of a photographer aficionado, I was no stranger to the camera. I have wonderful memories of my mother dressing me and my brothers up and taking us on exciting imaginary adventures just to be able to photograph us having fun. Later, when I started college, I majored in Fine Arts; and, without knowing where it would take me today, my mother handed me all of her photographic equipment. And so, I journeyed on to learning about one of my biggest passions: Art and Photography! In 1998 I started working with a digital photographer. I was greatly mesmerized by this new technology in which photos were manipulated in the computer and were easily printed to share with others. I didn't only come to enjoy taking images and instantly viewing them, like with my Polaroid Camera; I also learned the skillful art of enhancing them with Photoshop 5.1. Thus, my love for digital photography began!
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