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Jennifer Coudron


The Art Institute of Colorado



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January 27, 2011


As a child, my love for photography began. Not through taking pictures, but by looking at them. I looked at countless children’s books and magazines but always was only interested in the images and I read the stores that way. It took me a long time to figure out that I now wanted to be the one creating those images and telling the stories. Every one of my life experiences has helped me create the images that I do. Whether I am shooting an editorial fashion model or a model hopeful on his/her first shoot, I feel equally at home. My easygoing personality and love of laughter ensures that everyone at the other end of my lens will feel comfortable and have a blast. While not shooting photos I am most likely riding horses, basking in the sunshine looking at magazines, or out on a road trip with my dog Sampson searching for inspiration. There is nothing I love more than producing an image of someone that makes him or her beautiful, and that we have a fun in the process. I think it’s your turn next! Feel free to contact me @
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