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Brian Krecik


Acadamy of Art University San Francisco



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December 13, 2010


Since my childhood, my connection with culture and nature was reinforced continually through trips I took with the family on vacations. During my youth I developed a passion to embrace the differences that make us unique and learn about others cultural perspectives. It was this same drive that helped fuel the pursuit of my degree in Anthropology and years later to return to this perspective after working as a programmer for a number of years. This same driven desire and need to explore the world in all its forms has inspired my use of imagery in an informed representational and constructive artistic narrative. My entry into photography as a form of art began years back when I first began to explore digital. While I always enjoyed film photography, I always found the gap between creation and development was always time intensive. It was only after I bought my first digital camera back in 2001 that I found the expressive nature of photography and the ability to experiment creatively fit this format perfectly. While I have returned to film for creative work, I still use digital for portraits, studio, collaborative work and corporate art for commerce work. I find that digital has a unique niche that simply is difficult to fill. To this very day almost ten years later I find myself still exploring unique perspectives that look to create creative photos that one can appreciate for a lifetime. Simply put, I approached this medium to record life, but to do so in a way that captures moments that express human emotion and the passions that drive us, creatively expressive landscapes that grab our emotions, and provoke thought or inspire others. In 2011 I made the decision to pursue my Masters of Fine Art in Photography at the Academy of Art where I look to apply my creative skills and continue to enhance my vision and perspective. It is through this program that I chose to have a change of perspective and begin work full-time as a photographer in the Bloomington, Indianapolis and Northwest Indiana. During the next several semesters be certain to check my creative work as I begin to display projects both locally and in San Francisco at galleries. For those that I meet along the way and work with I sincerely thank each and every one of you. Having the chance to work with each one of you either on creative portraits, head shots for performing artists or creative commercial photography has been a wonderful pleasure. I look forward to working on new projects and if you are new to my work, I hope you enjoy the imagery as much as I had creating it. Sincerely, Brian Krecik, Photographer/Artist
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