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The PhotoVideoEDU program continues to grow. Some of the things that we have been able to provide to our educational partners are:
  • Student, Faculty, and Institutional Discounts
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Equipment Loans
  • Guest Lecturers
  • Slide Shows
  • Educational Support Material
  • Photo Contests

How does the PhotoVideoEDU program benefit your students and school?

So what occurs at a PhotoVideoEDU presentation?

What does MAC Group ask of the school in exchange?

How do you request a PhotoVideoEDU program?

Digital Summer Camp for Educators

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How does the PhotoVideoEDU program benefit your students and school?
We offer discounted prices for your students and additional discounts for the institution itself, as well as special offers for educators.  We also offer to host a PhotoVideoEDU presentation at your school (at no cost to you or the school).  We get a great deal of positive feedback from participating schools because a PhotoVideoEDU presentation is a fun way to present students with hands-on experience with the tools that they will encounter as professional photographers.  Participation often results in an improved relationship with local photo dealers and with leading manufacturers in the photo industry, as well as a better understanding of industry trends.

So what occurs at a PhotoVideoEDU presentation?
We tailor the program and the presentation to your and your students' needs.  No matter what form it takes, we work to present a very noncommercial, hands-on educational program.  The typical program is designed to give you and your students the opportunity to use and ask questions about the many tools employed by today’s top photographers in creating an image. A representative from MAC Group will come to your school to conduct a seminar for you and your students, exposing them to many of the tools that they will encounter in the professional world.  Typically, we also set up several studios or shooting bays with professional film and digital gear, which students are then able to use.  In addition to this gear, we will provide resource guides, posters, and support materials—and plenty of enthusiasm!

We cover a lot of ground, and topics may include any or all of the following:
 • Advantages of shooting larger film and digital formats
 • Uses and impact of professional digital technology
 • Importance of color management in today’s digital darkroom
 • Uses of incident and reflected light metering techniques
 • Using, controlling, and understanding studio lighting
 • An introduction to Digital Wireless Freedom (remote triggering of cameras and strobes)

What does MAC Group ask of the school in exchange?
We simply ask that you provide us with the students, space, time, and support to conduct the event. The school must actively encourage attendance and participation in the event, making the event mandatory for at least one class, with an open invitation for all students enrolled in the photography program.  MAC Group will create customized posters to announce the program. We only ask that you hang the posters and encourage students to attend.

How do you request a PhotoVideoEDU program?

  1. Fill in the online MOC Event Request and submit it, OR
  2. Contact your local MAC Sales Rep, OR
  3. Contact Brenda Hipsher, the National Manager of Educational Markets. Brenda can be reached by cell at 617-480-7270 or via e-mail at

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