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About MAC Group

MAC Group is a sales and marketing company dedicated to supplying photographers, filmmakers, educators, and students with the world's finest image-making tools. We represent, sell, and service the products of the companies that we serve through a network of dealers in the United States. We represent some of the finest companies within the photography and filmmaking industries today:

Turn any mobile device into a wireless, HD field monitor. In seconds.

A complete range of professionally designed tripods, monopods and heads.

Most portable studio flash solutions.

Plastic slide mounts, protection cases and archiving storage systems for memory cards.

High quality German filters.

Tripods, monopods, ballheads, three-way heads.

Copy stands and photo accessories for professional and passionate crafts people the world over.

Kupo Grip
A comprehensive range of top-of-the-line lighting support, grip equipment, and accessories for filmmaking, broadcast, and photography professionals.

Travel Tripod kits that provide an exceptional combination of materials, contruction and features - plus a splash of color. So small you will take it everywhere. 

A broad, versatile range of LED lights and accessories designed to help all sorts of image-makersachieve their vision.

Precision photographic accessories for film and digital including video rigs, ball and leveling heads, focusing rails, lens adapters and the 4 legged, fully modular Quadropod support system.

Offers a range of flash triggers, shutter releases, lighting and studio solutions for camera and flash.

Offers a range of precision trimmers which are unrivaled in their quality, accuracy, reliability and longevity.

The leading manufacturer of the most advanced wireless microphones.

The widest range of professional light and color meters for photographers and filmmakers around the world.

An adventure camera bag company designed as a reaction to real world adventures

Camera bags, laptop bags, shipping cases, media pouches, portfolio cases, and grip cases for beginning enthusiasts to pros.

Professional large format cameras for studio and field use.


It takes a special kind of company to transform its vision into reality. For more than 20 years, MAC Group has not only done that but—judging by comments from dealers, professional photographers, educators, and the media—has exceeded usual expectations.

Perhaps most important, we have established a reputation for having the best customer service within the industry. We ship products, for example, usually the same day we receive the order. Our repairs are turned around in an average of two days. We create our own marketing and educational materials, both online and for the classroom. We have testing laboratories to evaluate new equipment in prototype form.

Our repair facility is state-of-the-art, with testing equipment and standards specifically designed for each product. As important as the knowledge and equipment are the awards the staff has won over the years, a testament to the high level of performance standards.

In an organization-chart sense, we report directly to the professional photographer. And the only way we can understand his or her needs is to spend time out in the field: Watching. Listening. And learning.

And we know all too well what happens when companies talk instead of listen. They don't hear about customers' needs, don't learn what can be done in the future to meet their needs, and misunderstand why the market is changing. For more than 20 years, we at MAC Group have kept our ears tuned and through effective listening, managed to stay ahead of this critical learning curve.

We have learned that the professional photographer demands and deserves only the best tools and technology, and we are proud to represent brands that offer them. Each is a leader in its own particular market segment. Each uses technology in innovative and beneficial ways. The MAC Group brands represent years of pioneering, engineering, research and development, field use, and testing by photographers, scientists, and engineers.

Each brand is also run as an independent company by MAC Group, although we leverage marketing, public relations, dealer programs, and the many other elements that help our brands succeed. In addition, each brand draws strength in being part of the MAC team, with respect to both our 500-plus dealer network and our long-standing relationship with the major national photo magazines in which they advertise.

As we grow, we are careful to select companies and brands that complement our existing roster in a careful and precise manner. We look for products that bring diversity to our organization, and that diversity provides a unique strength that permeates all we do. The industry recognizes MAC Group as a powerful resource in managing many marketing needs, and that recognition benefits a host of programs, from advertising to education to product development.

Today, the photographic and graphic design industries share more knowledge and technology than at any other time in history. Photographers are expected to visualize, create, control, and produce with increasingly sophisticated digital image controls. Areas such as color temperature control, sharpness choice, tonal range design, D-Max, color control across all stages of production, and sophisticated digital image manipulation now must be routinely supervised or actively managed by the photographer.

The complement of products and services provided by MAC Group partners perfectly fits this evolution.

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