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NOVOFLEX Lens Adapter for Manual Canon EF to MFT


Adapter f/Canon EF-mount (Zeiss & Schneider Kreiznach Cine lenses, Bower photo lenses, Samyang, etc.), with manual aperture control ring, to MFT cameras.

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  • Focuses to infinity!
  • No optical elements
  • Machined to a 100th of a millimeter ensuring a secure fit to the camera and lens
  • Fully mechanical, no electronic transfer between the camera body and the lens. With most cameras it is possible to use automatic exposure metering (stop-down metering/aperture priority)
  • Some newer lenses for Nikon, Sony Alpha/Minolta AF and Pentax K do not have a built-in manual aperture control ring so NOVOFLEX integrated a step-less aperture control ring for those lenses.
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