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Bowens Mixing Strobes and Speedlights on Location
Join host Joe Brady as he takes a single Bowens Gemini monolight on location and runs it with a small, yet powerful, battery pack.
X-Rite Controlling Contrast for Better Color with Marc Muench
Coloratti Marc Muench joins us for this guest webinar sharing with you techniques for enhancing your images using contrast adjustments. Marc will share with us his own workflow for adjusting Raw images using Adobe Photoshop in post production.
Sekonic Get The Best Images In Any Weather With Guest Photographer Lee Varis!
If you have ever traveled to a wonderful location and the weather won't cooperate, you’ll want to see this show as Lee Varis and Joe Brady explore options to getting great images in practically any conditions.
Sekonic Make Exceptional Landscapes Happen
Landscape Photography can be challenge for even the best digital camera. You need to use the full dynamic range of your camera and protect those all-important highlights that often make the shot.
Sekonic, Benro Creating a “Talking Senior Portrait” with Stills and Video
All of today’s cameras and smartphones feature video capture. Why is this important to a portrait photographer? Join host Joe Brady as he shows you how to incorporate video into a portrait shoot and make some money doing it.
Bowens Creating Depth, Shape and Form in Portrait Photography with Tony Corbell
Tune as Tony Corbell illustrates a few tips and techniques to enhance the depth in your photographs.
Bowens Mastering Portrait Lighting with Tony Corbell
For photographers who have been limiting themselves to natural light, Joe Brady and Tony Corbell put to rest the myths that the studio is a scary place to work and show how easy it can be to get beautiful results.
PocketWizard Basic Off-Camera Flash for Environmental Portraits
Adding the right amount of flash to your outdoor portraits can help to transform ordinary snapshots into great results.

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